As always

Here I am again…
Not that I've been away, but because of the crowds in my online store, the Sinterklaas celebration and because I wanted to finish my Christmas card, I didn't get around to writing anything.
It wasn't so much the time, but the inspiration just wouldn't work. I think there is a bit of unrest in me.
And of course not much is happening in these strange times.
Our Sinterklaas party was different than usual. Our family was divided into groups with the advantage that we celebrated the feast of the Good Holy Man for three days. And despite the physical distance we had to keep, we had a few unforgettable days and ended the party on Saturday evening with a toast to Santa Claus who gives us such a pleasant time every year.
And now slowly work towards the beautiful Christmas.
Because of my online store, we have been in the Christmas spirit here since October, all this time among the Christmas baubles, candy containers and other beautiful Christmas products. But privately, I seem to be the only one who doesn't have a Christmas tree yet. My Christmas is wrapped up in the attic and my beautiful Christmas group is still in our bedroom in the cupboard, where it can be shown off all year round.
I have just made my first antique purchases for Easter, but it will all be neatly stored away for the time being. It won't be long before I bring the Christmas group downstairs and find a nice spot in the room. Then my angels can go back into the feather tree once I have carefully removed them from their crinkle wrappers.
I always have to say goodbye to the Sinterklaas thing for a while before I can start Christmas. Something of peace and reflection. Actually, it's a bit like Christmas here all year round because there are those things that I never say goodbye to.
This year it won't be a traditional Christmas like usual. Not all together at Christmas dinner, but with small snacks that we eat in groups.
It will still be a lot of fun, just like usual, and I'm really looking forward to it
And as always, we will celebrate the birth of the child Jesus and not even the corona will change that...

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