She belongs to me

I haven't written for a long time.
It wasn't because I didn't feel like it or didn't have time, but nothing happened.
It was quiet around Me and Co.
Not in my webshop, it was nice and busy there. Many orders and many packages. A few people came to pick up their order at the door. We had a chat from a distance and that was it. Nothing exciting to write about. Of course there are plenty of topics to write about, but it must also suit me, my storyline and the antique world and I must not repeat myself.
And now, now that I have been purchasing for the first time after a long period, there is material and inspiration to write again.
All this time I lived on the supplies I had and Stijn provided me with a few things. This way everything in my online store could continue as normal.
But now I can go there carefully again. It sings to me, because if you are a brocanteur, purchasing is the best part of this profession. And oh… how I missed this.
And so Stijn and I set out together.
When the time comes to leave, I suddenly feel uneasy. I notice that I find it difficult to let go of my current small world. Although I'm not going to do anything unsafe, I feel insecure. Because nothing was allowed or possible in the past year, my world became smaller and something of structure emerged in the chaos that I always create around me. Not that that always made me happy, but I had to get out of that small, safe, tidy world now.
And while we're on the road, all I can think about is what I actually had to do at home. I don't feel any of the tension that I normally feel when I go shopping. I feel cramped. Stijn has no problems. He sits next to me, chatting happily and sometimes singing along to the music on the radio.
I feel silent and it's like I'm a stranger in my own world.
I feel a headache coming on and I wish I had stayed home. Nice in my 'inie mini' world. And I'm surprised that I've adapted so quickly to a life that looks very different from before.
But the closer we get to our address, the more I can let go. And when we get out, the butterflies in my stomach are back.
We can buy beautiful products, again open days before Christmas. They are still far away, but a lot has to be collected for those days. I no longer think about the work that awaits me at home. The heavy feeling is gone and the headache is gone.
And as if it were meant to be, she comes my way. This is not the first time during or after a difficult period.
As if she had been waiting there for me. The beautiful antique wooden statue of Mary and child stands there in front of me. Without a doubt she will go home. Is this coincidence or predestined? I think the latter.
She is now shining at home. She is the beginning of the change in me and the confidence in the future.
And when we have been vaccinated for the second time in a while, you will be very welcome to visit me again by appointment. Then you can look around to your heart's content again. Although in a slightly 'different guise', but that will be the story for next week...

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  • wat een ontroerend verhaal.
    lieve groet Carola Poley

    carola poley

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