Waiting for spring

Every year when the holidays are over, I've cleaned everything up and it's mid-January, it starts to bubble inside me. Then I really long for spring.
Then I am so tired of the dark, gray and wet weather.
I walk outside every day to see if there is new life in the arid world and whether the chirping of the birds already sounds a bit like spring. And if I look closely, I see the first signs and slowly more will come…
I want lightweight items in my store and I'm making room for spring flowers.
I know, it's not spring yet, but it is in my head.
And so it is even more disappointing when I go shopping in the dark in the early wet morning.
I have trouble getting up, it's as if my last reserves are almost gone.
Once I'm on the road it's okay, and riding like this in the dark I dream of spring that will come soon... in a while.
Today I will not go to my regular addresses, but I have opted for a covered outdoor market.
it is not busy, few providers and few customers. As if everyone is using up their last bit of energy.
I hardly find anything nice for my shop and when I want to turn around to leave, I see it, the beautiful wooden crown. And what beautiful colours. I immediately feel warm and in my mind I see it among the spring flea market and antiques at my open days on March 21 and 22.
The moment I tell the seller that I want the crown for the requested amount, I meet the disappointed eyes of the man right next to me.
I understand that he wanted this crown too, but I beat him to it.
Now it's me who's on the other side, that almost never happens. Usually I'm the one who is disappointed because someone beat me to it and in a brutal way.
But I didn't grovel or snatch the crown for anyone else. I was just a little bit earlier than this gentleman. His disappointment is so palpable that I'm about to say: 'you take it'. Then a little voice inside me says: 'You don't have to do that, this was just done honestly.' And so it happens that I nod politely to the gentleman without looking too happy, say hello to the salesman and walk towards the car with the crown. I can just contain a jump of joy. This feels like spring...
It will look great among all the stuff during my spring open days on March 21 and 22. That will also take a while, just like spring. Until then I'll keep it.
And yet, every time I look at him, I see those disappointed eyes again. I know so well what it feels like. But he will probably be lucky another time.
And I'm waiting for spring...

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