For the first time

Enjoying the sun and a wonderful temperature for the first time. We had to wait so long for it. But that makes us enjoy it even more.
Before the corona started, we often sat on a terrace somewhere. But now, after that long period of not being allowed, I have less need for it one way or another. I am so aware of our wealth. I enjoy the peace and quiet on our own terrace more than ever. Somehow I've come to appreciate that more. It's as if that strange time has made me a different person. Not literally, of course. I am more satisfied and I feel happier with and about something small than before. Life feels more intense.
At the end of June I was vaccinated for the second time. Then we will take a break for a few days in July and from July 23 you can visit my showroom by appointment on Fridays (sometimes on Thursdays) to have a look around and possibly buy something.
For the first time after a very long period. But before then I still have a lot of tidying up to do, sweeping cobwebs, sorting and pricing.
I'm really looking forward to opening again for the first time.
And last weekend I went on a purchasing trip with Stijn for the first time. Still careful, but Stijn's van was completely full when we started the return journey. Cool stuff for his shops and nice, nice little stuff for me. Beautiful images, the first Christmas items and more for the coming period on my website and also for the Christmas open days. So very satisfied!
And when we get back home, I just get a beautiful bouquet from him. Without words, but to celebrate a little 'for the first time again'.

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