Sad and grateful

Yes, I am, sad and grateful;
Sad because I have to let mom go and grateful because she was among us for so long.
It happened so quickly and so unexpectedly.
And it hurts so much more than I ever thought.
Fortunately, there are many beautiful memories that will last forever.
Life stood still for a while and we said goodbye during this period with a beautiful, loving and intimate service.
And in the midst of my grief, our children and grandchildren were there to place a beautiful flower on her casket. What wealth and in each of them there is a piece of her that she has passed on. So she lives on in all of us.
And then life goes on again, as it always does.
I'm trying to pick up the thread again, but it's not working so well yet.
Her death doesn't have a place in me yet, as if I can't quite allow it to happen just yet, just a little while longer...
The grass lisps next to the grass
And the flowers bloom their secret
From which I am not yet divorced
As long as I lie down in the grass
And together with her you can be a flower.

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