From heel to branch

Once Christmas is out of the house, I start to look forward to the coming spring. It will take a while, but still... The days are slowly starting to lengthen, the first signs will soon appear. This thought makes me really excited to get started with the Easter brocante; view, sort and price everything. I will pick up the dates for the spring open days, which will again take place online. It's that time again on March 20 and 21. With my new website it will hopefully be less chaos than last time. But it is what it is.
When I'm looking through the Easter stuff, I realize that I was actually supposed to photograph products for my website. Because I always wander so much from what I am doing, jumping from one thing to another, nothing in my planning is ever correct.
Maybe you recognize it, always being distracted by something else 'along the way'.
Anyway, I'm pulling myself together to get back to photographing, which I really enjoy doing. When I'm busy photographing the antique baking tins, I suddenly feel like baking a delicious old-fashioned turban in such an antique tin. I slip the knife back into the pig and start cleaning the mold thoroughly. I'm looking for a tasty recipe among my 'antique' recipes. It is said that pastries made from such a mold are much tastier than a new mold with Tefal layer or even worse, from a silicone mold. It will be a turban based on buttermilk instead of butter. In the past, this was baked out of poverty. Buttermilk was cheaper than butter. The lady who once gave me the recipe claims that it is much tastier than butter.
And a little later the turban is in the oven. It smells delicious.
In the meantime, I'll pick up the thread again and continue photographing. Towards the end of the baking time, there will be a delicious topping on the cake, but that is not necessary.
Suddenly I think of the cute antique paper mache bunny that Stijn brought for the open days sale.
It's so small, so old and so nice. I doubt I'll sell it. I do not know yet,. Fortunately, I still have some time to hesitate.
The turban is ready and it looks delicious.
The morning is now over and I am less than ten photos further. Road planning for today, as it happens every day.
DE turban largely accompanies Stijn to work, there will be plenty of customers there.
A Piece stays here for Jos and I also want to taste a bite myself. I will use a plaque later to place a nice photo for the recipe on my website.
When I want to take a photo of it later in the day, there is still a stump with some crumbs left. Would we really have a mouse in our house after all?
You can find the recipe for this delicious pastry on my website
The sun shines through the window and I take a moment to enjoy the scarce rays of sunlight. All kinds of new ideas are bubbling in my head. And they only arise if I don't stick to a strict schedule. This 'jumping from one topic to another' also has its advantages...

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  • Hallo Cobi ik geniet van je verhalen en van je website je maak prachtige foto’s mooie opstelling daar spreek veel liefde uit.
    Groetjes Carola
    ps ik geniet nog steeds van de stolp met vlinders en meesjes

    carola poley

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