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Posted 7/14/2020 Through Cobie van Helden
The new edition of the beautiful magazine 'Enjoy Brocante' is out again.
And as always lately, there is another column from me. I am happy with it and I really enjoy writing about my vintage 'adventures' and posting pictures of beautiful products or events. Not that what I'm experiencing is that exciting, but it's nice to write it down. It's strange that I have no idea whether my column is actually read. Of course you sometimes get a nice response from someone, but that says nothing about the number of readers.
The story for the next edition is ready. Something just happened last weekend. So no events on FB for this week...
Previously, when I was still a kindergarten teacher and even long before then, I dreamed of one day writing and illustrating a picture book for toddlers and preschoolers, expecting that something like this might never happen to me.
Then it happened that I could draw for the magazine 'Daphnes Diary' and support the written pieces with illustrations. And now I can write for Enjoy brocante. Yet that picture book remains in the back of my mind.
When Jos says that I am very happy with the fact that my columns are published in a magazine and that I have been able to sign for a magazine before, I know he is right.
It is wonderful to be able to write about my vintage life in the Enjoy Brocante. And what could be even better than being able to do that, surrounded by so much flea market. I am very satisfied and who knows what else will come my way...

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