When I look and listen around me, there is so much negativity. It doesn't matter what it's about, but there are protests about everything and people are so negatively critical. Nothing seems to be okay anymore.
It is of course good to be alert, but a little positivity makes everything so much lighter.
And that's easy to say when everything is going well for you. But 'every house has its cross' is then said. I am convinced that one cross is not the same as the other...
Over the past three weeks I haven't felt well, a bit up and down, some days really sick and others less so. I must honestly admit that it is more difficult to stay positive. When you can't sleep for the umpteenth night and don't feel good all day, positive thinking is a challenge. In any case, it made me grumpy. Then you think again what a blessing it is to be healthy. I don't want to get bogged down in negative feelings, but every now and then, being positive doesn't work very well.
And now after these weeks I have gained even more respect for people who remain positive despite prolonged illness or setbacks.
I am friends on FB with a lady who knows how to say something positive every day. I'm not someone who always responds to that, but she knows that I have a lot of respect for her and her positive attitude. And so I take my hat off to a friend of mine, who has not known for years what it is like to feel healthy and not have pain. She is still up for a joke and knows how to make people laugh every time.
I have been ill for three weeks, I am already struggling with my flea market and I lack the will to work. Not so brave of me. I leaned towards the negative, not okay of me.
I'm not feeling great yet, but last weekend I was able to enjoy myself again and managed to change course.
Went out again to buy beautiful antiques and brocante so that I can offer beautiful things again for the approaching online open days on November 7 and 8.
Ended the weekend with a glass of wine and, in addition to a good purchase, also stocked up on a good portion of positivity!

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