About the weekend auction and the Wednesday evening bargain

I have not been posting a weekend auction on Friday for quite some time now because it no longer went smoothly.
it started as a fun, friendly game, with the final moments often exciting for the bidders. Slowly but surely that changed
There were no more serious offers and a disagreement arose on Sunday evening around eight o'clock.
Bidders who bid too late according to the computer clock but who felt they were still on time and felt disadvantaged. I even lost a customer because of it.
I started to dread Sunday evening more and more and I had an awful feeling when I sat in front of the computer at eight o'clock. I often had an unpleasant stomach feeling for the rest of the Sunday evening and in the end it was at the expense of my night's sleep.
This was never the intention of the auction. It was supposed to be a fun game, with a small portion of healthy tension between the bidders. But not something with an unpleasant ending where I had to defend myself and be labeled as dishonest.
It made me so sad that I decided to stop and because of that I no longer felt like having the Wednesday evening bargain.
Recently, it has been happening more and more often that customers indicate that they miss the Wednesday evening sale.
And I'm actually really looking forward to starting that up again.
So tonight at 7 p.m. you will see another FB message with a picture of a small piece of the Wednesday evening bargain that will be offered at 8 p.m.
The first person to respond to the 8 p.m. message will receive the product at the offered price. Of course, shipping costs are not included in the price.
This generally concerns products that remain below €10 and which then sell extra cheaply.
It is visible to everyone who responds first, so no disagreement can arise.
Join us tonight... and let's make it a fun moment again.
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