It's been a while, back in the days when antique shopping was still possible.
Stijn and I visited a beautiful antique fair and there it was... a great Easter bunny candy container, a beautiful large one. As much as 40 cm. The price was on the high side, but we decided to buy it anyway because we both thought it would be an eye-catcher for the spring open days.
The very friendly dealer carefully packed it between crisp paper in a box.
A bit of a stomachache from the high amount and realizing that there will be little margin, but also happy with this beautiful find, we go home again. Of course, it is also quite rare and that makes it even more fun.
We no longer unpack it at home now that it is autumn and it goes straight into storage.
When the new year has only just started, Stijn comes with new purchases and sure enough, he has managed to acquire such a beautiful copy.
This will no longer go into storage. The other one is also taken out. I take the lid off the box and push the crinkle paper aside. At the same moment I see… This is not plaster at all. But because I'm still in the denial phase, I reassure myself with the thought that I probably didn't look properly, or that the light isn't falling properly.
Then it's out of the box and I tap it. I can no longer deny it and to my horror I have to conclude that this hare is made of plastic. I immediately call Stijn and of course he doesn't believe me. But he also has to admit that it is plastic.
Stijn contacts the organization to obtain a telephone number or email address for the trader. The trader seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth, no one can find his details and no one knows him from anywhere.
We've been scammed! What a stroke of luck and what an amount of money just gone.
Fortunately, the second hare that Stijn bought is real and he has now found a new owner for whom he is patiently waiting.
And this beautiful large plastic candy container bunny can be sold for €25.
It looks beautiful, is hand-painted and very decorative. It is a picture to look at.
If you are the first to let me know that you want to buy this for € 25, it will go to you for that amount (+ shipping costs).

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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