ON working holiday

It has happened a few times recently, a working holiday. About 4 to 5 days of flea shopping alternated with relaxation. And that worked out very well.
On the road in the early morning and later in the day, after work, relax.
At first the purchase does not go smoothly and after I have been to three places I hardly have anything in the car. It seems like the nice things are gone.
I now have to be careful that I don't become less critical and buy the wrong products that I then regret later.
I wonder how this should continue and I can certainly imagine having to stop my webshop due to a lack of new discoveries. My courage sinks when I get up early for the umpteenth time and can hardly buy anything. Let alone something fun that makes me happy.
I hear myself sigh deeply and I can't help it. And just when I want to give up, a nice voice asks me what's going on. At that moment I'm crouching down, so the first thing I see are open shoes with beautifully painted nails. They are wedge heels; 'No, it can't be true...' I think to myself. And yes, it is the lady with the wedge heels who I have not met for a long time and who previously always acted quite rude. I almost forgot about her, but here she is.
So she still wears the wedges. She is less dressed up than before, which makes her look friendlier.
She looks at me and asks if she can help with anything. I explain to her where that heavy sigh came from. She says she knows a nice place for me. I think that is a sympathetic gesture and suddenly I see her with different eyes.
I thank her kindly and a little later I drive to the address she provided
And sure enough, she's right!
I can indulge myself here. This makes me so happy. I buy beautiful products that I love and would like to add to my collection.
As if it has to be this way again, I find another new address on the way back. And so a solution always comes my way.
In the photos that I am adding you can see products that I will be putting online this week on Wednesday, August 2 at 9:30 am. But there are also photos of products intended for the Winter Fair on November 11 and 12, such as the crowns and the deer.
I actually only wanted to post one photo to get an impression for the next Website Update, but I couldn't resist including that small mirror cabinet and that wooden box with a jumping deer. That makes me so happy, of these types of products
I can complement my webshop again and for me Winter Fair is already starting to fill up, so put the dates of November 11 and 12 in your calendar.
Tomorrow I will post more photos for the Website Update of Wednesday, August 2.

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