On the way to Christmas

Christmas is slowly becoming around me and in my head.
From a very busy period to this very nice, quiet party. I think that's wonderful. I naturally enter a calmer mode and now in this corona time I am already more in such a bubble. But that is not the reason that my story appears a little later than usual. Little Tove unexpectedly comes to visit, she comes to play and have lunch with my daughter. And what kind of grandma would I be if I said I don't have time. And so we had a wonderful time together again
She talks about the Christmas tree they bought and I enjoy all her stories.
For the first time this year I don't have a 'real' Christmas tree. I didn't really feel like it. I don't mean Christmas, but bringing a Christmas tree into your home. It's so crowded and messy here. There are Christmas items everywhere and there are Christmas baubles for sale. Such a large pine tree in the house causes even more unrest around us.
I place the feather tree in the room full of angels and bells. I am happy with it, it looks nice and it looks calm, but it really has a Christmas look.
I prepare the Christmas scene with Hümmel figurines and we bought a beautiful asperagus plant. I love that delicate and almost transparent green.
Then suddenly there is a real Christmas atmosphere in the house and I enjoy my little joke and the peace around me..

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