On visit

She has been a customer of mine for years and we have never seen or spoken to each other. Everything happens online.
She speaks French and whenever she sends an email, it arrives to me neatly translated into Dutch.
When she hears that we are going to Belgium for a weekend, she invites us to come and see where all the ordered products from Van Mij en Co are displayed.
I'm very curious about how she decorated it and also about her, of course. She always communicates very friendly.
When I see her come out the door, she looks even friendlier than I imagined.
And how warm-hearted she is.
When I enter I don't know what I see. A house filled with Van Mij and Co. Very beautifully styled and of course also supplemented with other beautiful products. Everywhere I look she has created pleasant scenes.
A little bit of English, a little bit of French and a little bit of Dutch are spoken. And so we get along pretty well together.
She is so sweet and hospitable.
I'm really impressed with what she has.
She doesn't take fashion into account (because you also have that in the antique world), but she does her own thing and follows her feelings.
She has very nice collections, it is something like a fairy tale.
She set the table and brought cakes into the house.
And then I get a cup of coffee, tastier than ever. Her secret is that she adds cinnamon to the coffee, just a hint.
From now on, my coffee will also contain a hint of cinnamon.
I am allowed to take a few photos and when you look afterwards, no further words are necessary.
When I leave, I get a big hug and it's as if we've known each other for years.

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