The world around me is awakening...
Hordes of cyclists are passing by again, whole groups of walkers and the one and a half meter rule seems to be becoming less important and perhaps that is the case if you don't have much to fear.

If I politely ask someone to keep their distance, I am laughed at. I think about what an acquaintance said recently. "I don't adhere to it and anyone who suffers from it should stay at home." Because I don't just have to think about myself and also want to take the whole thing into account, I will remain cautious for the time being.

Yesterday I received a belated birthday card from a friend. When we later joke via the WhatsApp app about the woman on the card, who at least needs a haircut and a visit to the dentist, not to mention a manicure appointment, I realize that I haven't been doing too much lately either. look best. I noticed that I was less and less concerned with my grooming. No more dresses, but quickly pants and a shirt, often no make-up and my hair started to look a bit messy.
Is it because I hardly go anywhere and don't receive customers at home? I don't have to be the prettiest mother, but I actually don't want this either.
Of course that is not that important at all, but if I am a little more cared for on the outside, it is also good for my insides.
So, dear friend, you unintentionally held up a mirror to me, as if I were waking up too
Did a mask this morning, applied some make-up, hair well cared for, put on a dress, put on a piece of jewelry and put on a nice scent.
I feel wonderfully fresh and tidy. I wonder what Jos thinks about it.
Now I feel like a vintage 'lady' again instead of an antique 'trien'.
Ready to get back to work with all the old products, making packages and filling holes, because it is becoming bare here and there. I'm taking some stock down to photograph for my website.
When I come downstairs, Jos asks: “where are you going?” ……

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