Never the same again

She is angry because the products in her shopping cart suddenly disappeared while she was still shopping in my online store. This sometimes happens and it is frustrating, but it works that way at almost every online store. She is so disappointed and I understand that, but that's the way it is. Normally an incident like that and an angry customer would bother me for a day
Not today...
My thoughts are with her, a dear friend.
She sits at the bedside of her husband who is dying. She can't do anything, just be with him and hold his hand. It seems like something small, but so valuable. She had known for a while that this moment would come, but so soon.
I feel her sadness. The 'why' question rears its head again. I try to push this question away, but it hangs like a dark cloud in my head, even though I know so well that there will never be an answer.
On such a day I realize the relative importance of so much and even more than usual I resolve to continue to see the essential and not to postpone it to 'later'. And they did that together, they got out what was in it until the last moment and that is such a beautiful thing that you take with you forever.
I have to work for my online store, but I lack inspiration. I snuggle up close to Jos on the couch. We talk about the sad event and I think about her and her family. I would like to comfort her, but she lives too far away. We've known each other for a while, but we've only met a few times.
I see her in my mind, broken...
It has been a bit quieter inside me for a few days now, but in the meantime everything continues as usual.
Not for her, for her everything stops, life stands still.
And when she is strong enough to pick up the thread again, it will never be the same again, but she will cherish all the beautiful memories in her heart and in the meantime the chickadee that just flew in will whistle its daily song.

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