My day can not be ruined

It was wonderful, so unexpected to have a few days off and away for a while.
Enjoyed nature, had a delicious meal, visited a Christmas market and slept a little more than at home.
Not a flea market trip, but as usual, it came my way again.
A beautiful diorama. When I see it, I know that it will come home with us, that there will be no turning back.
I really buy this for ourselves, to enjoy this beautiful scene during the Christmas period, which someone once put a lot of time and passion into.
It dates back to 1889. There is so much to see.
I send a photo to Stijn and once he has seen this beautiful object, there is no way back for him either.
He has been looking for it for so long whether he can take over this beautiful antique diorama.
Well, what does a mother's heart do...
We make a deal; He can enjoy it during Christmas this year and then it will come back to us. And we'll see again later. 😉
My day can't be ruined anymore, but someone else's can be...
We are sitting in a pastry shop with a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry.
It is busy at the checkout.
A lady comes in and at the same moment the delicious smell of fresh bread and pastries is intoxicated by a thick cloud of perfume. Somehow it's her turn right away.
She orders one thing after another, each time throwing her long hair back.
In the meantime, I am still over the moon with our new addition and also with our delicious pastry of course.
The lady has now paid and takes the filled bags and finally the box of pastries.
And just as I'm wondering why she notices me, the pastry box slips from her hands onto the floor.
The pastries fly out of the box. Nobody responds.
The lady tells the girl behind the counter, but she doesn't respond either. The lady repeats her comment, but still no response.
Then the lady leaves with red cheeks.
An old gentleman with a walking stick takes his turn. The gentleman saw nothing of the entire incident and suddenly steps into the middle of the pastries.
He slides in all directions and just manages to grab hold of the counter.
Meanwhile, the girl behind the cash register takes action.
She picks up some scraps from the floor and wipes the floor with a paper tissue, not sweeping anything up but spreading everything out.
And now it comes…
She wipes her hands on her pants and then, with her hands, takes the pastries out of the display case for the next customer.
Next time we will choose a different address...

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