On Mondays I normally have no room for relaxation. Then I am very busy taking photos and typing the information about the products that I post online on Tuesdays. Taking about one hundred and fifty photos and writing 40 pieces takes a lot of time. I usually don't finish until late in the evening. Fortunately, I like doing all that.
But this week I had already done a lot of preparatory work during the weekend and so I finished on time. That gives me time to cycle with Jos after dinner. What a luxury on Monday, an ordinary working day.
I enjoy the beautiful roadsides with wild flowers and plants. bloom and grow lushly. We live in such beautiful surroundings and there is still so much unspoilt nature here. We talk a bit while cycling, but we are also silent for long stretches because it is so relaxing. She comes cycling towards us, musing on her bike. She has one of those big wicker baskets for her bicycle. And that large basket is completely filled with flowers from the roadsides, really completely packed.
I know, you can pick something from nature, it's called wild picking. This is often under supervision or 'no more than you need'. But that is of course a free pass for some.
I don't think this, what the lady in question did, was entirely intentional. If we all do this together, there will be nothing left and we will seriously disrupt nature.
She looks straight ahead as she cycles past. I'd like to ask her why she's doing this, but I don't want to sound like the know-it-all teacher, so I keep my mouth shut. She probably knows that this is not entirely the intention.
I have also picked nettles for soup and elderflower to make syrup.
I let it go and continue to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer us.
At home I pick flowers in our garden. Just a little bit so that I don't disturb the natural balance in the garden.
A bouquet in a vintage vase, just like that on a Monday...

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