Bright spots

It is so strange to be busy for the Open Days when there are no real Open Days.
Not visually then. Online is a good alternative, but still…
How I will miss it, the excitement just before I open, the enthusiastic guests who are waiting on the sidewalk early in the morning until I finally open the door. Because that alone is such a special atmosphere, with a cup of coffee outside while waiting before it starts. How I will miss that sweet Guus Hennen with his beautiful piano playing and Chantal Groenen who always faithfully comes to take such great photos. The atmosphere, the Christmas table full of snacks and drinks. The enjoying guests, I will miss all that.

And instead of being a hostess, I spend two days behind the computer. I always feel like a princess, with all that attention, compliments and sweet gifts. This time it will be something of a Cinderella feeling. ????
Joyce Vloet is coming to make a Christmas report in advance and I am very happy with that. That gives me a reason to create a Christmas house. Of course there will be a real Christmas tree and I will work with greenery and flowers. Of course I will provide a beautifully set table with a delicious Christmas lunch.
On November 7 and 8, both days at 11 a.m., I will put my best finds online.
And in the meantime, we make it as cozy as possible here with a snack and a nice cup of coffee. We will end with a glass of mulled wine and a toast to life.
Because despite all the limitations and therefore larger and smaller setbacks, I feel grateful.

Our entire family is still healthy and we see each other regularly (observing all the rules). And that is so important to have those you love close by, the most important thing there is.
We can go outside and enjoy the autumn weather, nature does not let us down, it is just as beautiful as usual and I appreciate this even more during this period. The trees will lose their leaves and the days will become short and dark, but as always it will be spring again...
I realize very well that not everyone is as lucky as we are and my thoughts go out to the people who are less fortunate, who are ill, die, lose their job or are lonely.
I feel blessed with all the beautiful and good things that surround me. I light a candle for those who are having a hard time now, for whatever reason. And I hope with all my heart that they continue to see bright spots.

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