Jesse comes to stay. He is our eldest grandchild and he recently started secondary school.
The idea was to have a special weekend with every grandchild who goes to secondary education. I think it's a milestone; a closure and the start of a new adventure. But due to the corona and the associated tightened measures, our planning is being disrupted. Of course, the weekend stay will continue as normal, because I know from experience that postponement will lead to setbacks. And we were really looking forward to it.
I feel a bit insecure in advance, because what do you do with a 12-year-old boy when there are so many restrictions? What was Stijn like when he was that age? I don't remember exactly, because that was 16 years ago now.
Will Jesse like it here? He hasn't come to stay for a few years. And two days without the planned excursions may lead to disappointment.
I have already made a lot of progress with the brocante because the online open days are fast approaching. It's already Christmas here. And the rest will remain until after the weekend.
This way I have plenty of room for Jesse.
'He's suddenly getting so big' is what I think when I see him sitting there and hear him say it. He looks at me with a big smile. The real child has suddenly disappeared and I am grateful that he is here now and that I can also experience this phase up close.
I didn't have to worry, because everything went smoothly and my insecurity quickly disappeared.
Because the walnut tree has just been pruned, there are thick, long branches and when Jos asks him if he wants to saw, he is already outside and he saws everything into nice, even pieces.
Despite all those outside restrictions, it will be a wonderful weekend and we will enjoy the peace and quiet.
Instead of the cinema, it will be a nice movie on the TV with tasty snacks and instead of eating out, you will have to choose between all kinds of options that can be picked up or delivered. We take a bike ride and play board games. And suddenly I remember what it was like when Stijn was this age, who enjoyed the same things.
A beautiful time, between being a child and slowly becoming an adult.
We were not affected by the restrictions at all. We didn't need to be entertained from outside at all, we could do that very well ourselves.
Maybe those restrictions are actually a good thing. That makes us realize how rich we are and that everything we have and can do is not so obvious. In any case, it makes me more creative and more satisfied.
I still enjoy two wonderful days with another teenager in the house whose world you can see growing. A wonderful period.

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