Something new and the lady without wedges

The table in my showroom was an outdoor table and the chairs were almost falling apart. The upholstery was dirty and worn. But eventually you no longer see it yourself. Maybe you recognize that, it's as if you see through it over time. And when Stijn said a while ago that the table and chairs were a mockery in my showroom, I saw it again myself.
So work was done immediately.
I opted for a classic whole. A quiet, sleek antique table with beautiful, very old, worn chairs that are still sturdy. Everything handmade with beautiful signs of wear and a beautiful patina.
I love that.
My computer used to be on that table. It was not a pleasant place to work. That's why I immediately picked out a real antique secretary. It is in a corner and I enjoy working here. And oh… all those drawers and compartments where I can push all my junk into. I enjoy it. My showroom looks calmer and tidier.
Many people will find this far too classic. But I love it and I'm glad I could buy this at our purchasing address last week.
By the way, it is the purchasing address I had not been to for a long time. This was the place where I often encountered the lady with wedge heels. And if you always read my stories, you will know more about her. Not about her personally, but about how she behaves towards me.
She's not there when I'm in the business. That would also be quite a coincidence. When I look among all the beautiful things, I no longer think of her. I bought a few items that I put together on the floor in a corner. The seller gives me a box in which I put some small products that I have selected.
And sure enough, here she comes! Although I'm a bit older, she probably thinks that about me too. She doesn't think twice and starts rummaging through the items I bought. I forget to say hello to her, I am stunned by the audacity of her to just rummage through my purchased things. I make it clear to her that I bought that, but she continues and even takes things out of the box. She's not wearing wedges today, but red sneakers. And suddenly I feel like kicking her sneaker hard with my heel. I consider it for a moment, but my sense of decency always wins out. And maybe that's a good thing.
I push her slightly to the side and close the box.
She straightens her back, throws her nose into the wind and walks outside.
There she can't resist opening and closing my new folding desk, which is ready to be loaded.
She leaves without looking up or back. 'What a strange person' is what goes through my mind.
And now, every morning when I open my secretary, I look at her and can laugh about it. Glad that after that long silent time I am experiencing something new again.

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