The story of the canary

The purchasing trip was wonderful!
It was hard work, but everything went well.
The weather, the environment, the people and last but not least; the purchases.
I was able to buy so much and so beautifully.
Where there were empty spaces last week, they are now filled again with products that will partly appear on my website soon and partly for the Christmas Fair that will take place on November 11 and 12.
The empty cupboard in the kitchen is starting to fill up with beautiful old sardine jars. These are intended for the Christmas fair anyway. This way I can enjoy it for a while first.
The car was filled to the brim with beautiful antiques and antiques.
The icing on the cake is when I unpack everything when I get home and can really take a good look at the purchased treasures. I think that's wonderful.
When I look again at the beautiful antique glass display cabinets with stuffed birds, I think of the story of the canary again; it won't let me go...
They had had a canary for years, one that always whistled and they enjoyed it.
They loved his hopping from one post to the next and they enjoyed it when he responded in the morning when he heard them get up.
They liked that life around them.
But a canary also grows older and one day it hardly whistles anymore and it becomes quieter.
They would like to take the canary to the pet store, but they don't want it.
They decide to let the canary out of the cage in the backyard.
But the next day the canary is waiting for them at the door.
Once again he is placed further in the garden.
There they find the animal, injured on one wing.
It is decided to leave him in the woods. And so it happens.
I try not to give a value judgment about it, but it doesn't really let me go. I can't think: 'oh, it's just a bird'.
I once had a tame parakeet that flew freely around the house. One day I forgot to close the window and he flew away.
I remember well how great my sadness was when I realized what would happen to the animal in the big wide world.
I searched and called for him for days, but he never came back.
Let's be kind to the animals and each other...

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