A while ago I thought that everything would be normal again.
But that is not it. Infections are rising and vaccinations are being postponed.
And yet it seems as if everything around me is becoming normal again.
When I let customers know that as long as we are not vaccinated, I will not receive anyone in yet, someone responds with: 'but it is still allowed...'
I wonder if I'm a loser now. Am I too careful then? I don't think it's okay to have different people in our private life every day. Because my store is in our private spaces where we spend all day.
Should I be more generous and take more risks?
Then I get a customer on the phone. She has been in the hospital for more than 10 days. She was very careful and only visited her mother. There may have just been someone there who had corona without knowing it at the time. My client was infected by her, as well as her mother and later her partner. She tells her story, how sick she was and how it was thought she would not survive.
She ends her story with “just stay careful, because if you have it it is much worse than you can imagine…”.
Now I'm not afraid, but I'm also not one of the tough ones among us who ignore the rules and assume that it won't affect them.
So we remain careful and for the time being I will only handle customer visits at the door.
And of course I could just get sick tomorrow, but then it wouldn't be because I didn't care about anything.
So I still don't really go shopping. Fortunately, Stijn has collected a lot of beautiful things and he regularly delivers things here so that I continue to have the opportunity to post many beautiful things on my website in a safe manner.
Now, more than a year after all the misery started, I wonder when everything will be normal again. And what is just actually?
In the meantime, I enjoy the little ordinary things in and around our house more than ever.
Where ordinary is never just ordinary, but very special.

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