Moments of enjoyment

After about two months of being mostly at home, little has changed. Society is relaxing, but if someone in your family belongs to the risk group, not much has changed for the time being and you just hope it doesn't affect him...
But I had decided that if I started writing again it would not be a negative story and that is what I am going for.
Fortunately, my online store is busy. A lot is shipped and customers who prefer to pick up can continue to do so. I have not received any customers in recently, but collectors can take their neatly packed order outside. That's going well and for the time being I will continue to do it that way as a precaution.
I may have my online store at home and no small children around me anymore, but everyone has had to make concessions. Anyway.
I like to be at home and enjoy being here in my bubble. Besides my children and grandchildren, I don't miss much. I'm doing fine here together with Jos.
I have time to do other things than usual, things that I normally never get around to. And to enjoy everything that grows and blooms in the garden even more.
Very happy again with my column in the beautiful Enjoy brocante magazine
I had long since resigned myself to the fact that last Sunday Mother's Day and yesterday my birthday would be quiet days. And then your children and grandchildren come. Although not all together as usual, but spread over two days, outside and at a distance. Wonderful after the silence of late. I don't think I have ever enjoyed their presence as much as I do now. I cherish this wealth. I enjoy the short moments we have together and the beautiful and sweet crafts that the grandchildren made. I feel like a spoiled birthday grandma, a cherished mother and a beloved wife...
I receive many sweet birthday wishes, cards and gifts from friends and customers.
More intensely experienced than ever, even more aware of what it is really about...

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