She taught me how to bake real Limburg pies, my mother-in-law. The tricks of the trade, which make a tasty pie even tastier. She gave me all her recipes. Those recipes that are not printed anywhere, but that pass from generation to generation and from word of mouth. The kind of recipes that only taste good if they are prepared with passion.
I started working and over the years they got better and better, with her slogan always in my mind 'thin with leather and thick with grease!'
Only my bienestich never became like hers. I followed every step of the recipe as she described it for 35 years. It is Jos' favorite cake and I bake this cake every birthday, Valentine's Day and Father's Day. And it is fine, nice and fluffy and yellow in color, but never as thick as my mother-in-law's.
Every time Jos says: “It's delicious, but my mom's is thicker…” And every time I try even harder and all these years I wonder what she does differently.
And recently, for Jos's birthday, I decided to make more batter. And yes, the bienestich was super fluffy, yellow in color and just as thick as his mother's.
So that was her secret. She didn't reveal everything...
Don't we all have a secret somewhere, some bigger and some smaller. Something we prefer to keep to ourselves, for whatever reason.
This takes me to many places where flea and antique items can be found. You sometimes meet me at a market, I make no secret of that. But I never reveal my real favorite shopping addresses.
I am often asked where I buy and my answer is always: “That is the blacksmith's secret…”
Where I get my best finds from is my secret.

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