After a long, wonderful Christmas period, all the Christmas things have been put away and we have started a new year.
Sometime in early October the Christmas season started for my store. Although according to tradition I like to leave the Christmas tree and accessories up to three kings on January 6, I wanted to clean everything up on January 2. And with that I broke yet another tradition.
If you know me a little, you also know that I don't like breaking beautiful customs at all.
And yet it happens and on January 2 I'm completely done with Christmas and for the first time on January 6 I don't bake an Epiphany cake with a bean in it. I choose it and yet I miss it. It even makes me a little melancholy. Of course, that's not what it's all about, but everything becomes flattened and I want to guard against that. By letting go of everything, the essence is quickly forgotten.
Every year around October I start drawing the Christmas story to give our Christmas wish a personal touch, but the cards that arrive in the mail become fewer every year. A wish via social media is also thoughtful, but pressing a button that allows you to reach as many people as you want feels different than a personal card.
And so we will have shot the last rocket into the air during New Year's Eve. I completely understand the plan behind it and not that bad, but still…
Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned brocante lady who can't let go.
Due to circumstances, our family did not get together on January 1 this year. That also makes me melancholic and perhaps as I get older I will attach more value to this.
Soon we will celebrate Easter again and come together as a family again.
I also try to honor those beautiful traditions as much as possible.
Although this is the most important festival in Roman Catholic life, we spend less time on it than on Christmas. Is that because of the romance surrounding the Christmas child? Even in the past, there were many more Christmas decorations than Easter attributes.
When the Easter Bunny hides eggs again, I will not forget the essence of the celebration.
And while I'm already putting away the first Easter bunny candy containers to sell them around Easter, I'm not forgetting the beautiful antique bodies either...

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