How long ago...
I did go shopping in between, but I haven't done a real purchasing weekend for a long time.
I had my reasons; So much came my way that I no longer had the energy to do very intensive purchasing.
Fortunately I had a lot of stock, but last week I was shocked at how that stock was dwindling.
And when customers come to their home who have been here before, I hear them say; 'it's so barren here'.
“My god, they're right,” it goes through my mind. It's awfully barren here for me. That I didn't see that before. There are places where there is simply nothing left.
Then I think about the upcoming Christmas Open Days and suddenly my heart is in my throat.
This is going to be a lot of work and I'm actually really looking forward to it.
I'm looking forward to a long shopping weekend
Apparently I had so many other things on my mind lately that I didn't notice that it was getting emptier here and I needed that time to gain energy again.
A long shopping weekend, I'm looking forward to it again.
So from now on I'll be back at it again.
And of course I enjoy our lovely garden in between and we go on holiday for a few days.
I am reading a book again (after a long time), we go on trips and take a walk every morning.
It's wonderful to get up in the morning with so much energy, I'm buzzing again!
Because I am now going shopping for a long weekend, there will be no new website update next week.
I have planned the next website update for Tuesday, July 4.
I hope that I will have been able to buy many beautiful new items that will provide a lot of shopping pleasure.
And of course there are many beautiful things on my website where you can shop to your heart's content in the meantime.
See you soon!

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