And yet spring is coming

It's quiet around me, so quiet...
And I love the silence so much, but this silence is different.
This is an eerie silence and it seems as if life stands still.
There is no sound from the street, hardly a passerby.
Only nature just takes its course and despite all the misery, spring is coming.
The sun is shining and the birds don't care about anything. They whistle at their best and diligently build their nests. The spring flowers are blooming and the first leaves have unfolded.
But here it is quiet
Somewhere in the middle of the final preparations I stopped work.
The bunches are waiting in a corner of the kitchen until I process them into wreaths.
The new chalk marker with which I was going to write my spring poem on the window lies untouched on the table.
The products that were intended to transform the tent into an antique children's toy paradise are pushed aside in the room.
I have long since left that cocoon from which I normally only emerge on the Saturday morning of my open days.
I miss my children who I cannot see because they are sick themselves or have come into contact with another sick person and I miss my parents who I cannot go to because they are old. When Tove calls and says in a small voice: 'Grandma misses you', my heart breaks.
And then this is just a very small tip of the big picture. People who are literally seriously ill, who have anxiety and are now isolated. people who suddenly find themselves without an income and people in healthcare who are simply exposed to all dangers...
My thoughts turn to this and there are still people who do not see the seriousness of the whole thing and limit themselves to the thought that it does not really matter whether they get sick or not.
Putting everything into perspective, canceling my open days really doesn't mean much. A lot safer for all of us anyway. Too bad... but that's it.
I will try to put as many products as possible online on March 21 and 22, which you can then order.
Of course the atmosphere is not there, but with the sun you get into the mood.
And in the darkness of our worries, spring is coming... let's enjoy it to the fullest...

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