And that in a village like Beegden

We live here in a beautiful small village and when we moved here 27 years ago, I quickly felt at home.
The small village with its beautiful village center still appeals to me. You no longer find the purity of such a small village in larger towns. It is always peaceful and quiet. Here children can still just be children and everyone leaves each other alone.
Wherever I leave the village, I am surrounded by beautiful nature, heathland and water...
It's Tuesday when I'm working hard on my shop, I still have a lot of Christmas baubles to go before I'm ready for the online open days on November 7 and 8.
When the bell rings, I walk to the door with mixed feelings because I am so pressed for time. There are two primary school girls at the door. I haven't looked at them very closely, but I think around 10 years old.
They have a sheet with a long article in their hands and a form to fill out.
They ask if I want to buy a bag of apples. When I ask what it is for, they say they don't know exactly. I ask for the article. It's something about a healthy project at school. But because I'm busy I don't bother to read it, I believe so. I buy a bag of apples for €3.50. They don't have the apples with them, they say they will bring them on Monday. When I ask where they live, they give an address in Abelenstraat. That's close to here, but the girls don't look familiar to me.
I'll give them both a little extra.
Then I quickly get back to work and then I realize that I didn't have to enter an address at all. Then my intuition tells me that something is wrong. They were bumbling around like that too.
When I tell Jos about it, he says: 'It will probably be fine'. The further the week goes on, the more I feel like I've been 'ripped off'. The €4.50 is not the problem, but did those girls really come to the door with bad intentions?
You already feel it coming, no one will bring apples on Monday and not on Tuesday either.
It makes me feel sad that young children are capable of something like this and do it with premeditation.
I expect the address they provided will not be the correct one.
And that in a village like Beegden where you think the children are still pure.
Did these girls come up with this idea themselves or are they being directed by someone? In the meantime, I wonder whether these two can enjoy their 'loot' without any twinges of conscience.
And I also gave them a little extra, but I didn't expect this in a village like Beegden.
Apparently I'm a bit naive.

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