A holiday without flea market

On holiday I resolve to spend as little time as possible on my online store.
I respond to the orders that come in and that's about it.
We are on holiday in the South Eifel and we have selected beautiful places to visit.
Because we are staying close to the French border, we decide to go to the French town of Rodemack. This seems to be one of the most beautiful French villages.
It is a medieval town still almost completely surrounded by the original city walls.
'That way you're a bit involved with antiques,' Jos chuckles as we drive there.
I notice that there are many cars parked outside the village. Perhaps you are not allowed to enter this village by car, I think to myself. There are a few food trucks on the edge of the village. This looks a bit strange, but then we see the 'culprit'; A large sign with 'Brocante' on it.
And so we unintentionally end up at a flea market. I had planned not to do this, but yes, it will naturally come our way. It looks very cozy, so cozy that we can't resist it.
I think of the readers of my stories who will probably now think: 'yes, yes... I knew it...' But believe me, this was really not the intention.
There are many suppliers, but the nicer antiques are too pricey for me and there is a lot of antiques that I am not looking for.
So soon we end up on a terrace in the shade,
It is pleasantly busy here among the locals and we enjoy a glass of beer and a sausage sandwich from the BBQ.
Without a single piece of antique, but with a particularly pleasant morning, we drive back to our apartment where we continue to enjoy ourselves.
On Tuesday, August 13, my website was replenished at 9:30 am with beautiful old and antique products and if you look very closely, you will see a little bit of Christmas passing by from now on... 😉

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