A grieving process and a place in the sun

It's been a number of years since I left teaching and I missed the toddlers so much. One of the things I missed so much about the toddlers (besides the toddlers themselves) were the stories.
The stories we told each other. True stories and also fantasy stories. That was wonderful.
Every weekend I experienced something and on Monday I turned it into a juicy story for the toddlers.
And so it happened that once I started a website in antiques and antiques, I quickly started writing stories for adults about 'the life of a antique dealer'.
I had so much fun with them and I shook them off my sleeve. I had so much inspiration…
There was a customer at the time who told me that she had always written stories, but that one day her inspiration disappeared. She tried again, but nothing came to her mind.
I thought that was very strange at the time, how can your inspiration suddenly be gone? If writing is your thing, you will always succeed. There is always something or someone that inspires you.
And so I continued to write almost every week.
But then something comes my way that breaks me so much that I can no longer pick up the pieces. There is a sadness that consumes me so much. And suddenly I can't write anymore.
I think back to the customer from then and only now do I understand her. There is a tear in my heart, cotton wool in my head and my pen no longer wants to work. I try to resist it, but in the end I have to give in and go through that deep valley to climb another mountain.
It is a kind of grieving process and slowly everything is getting better and I am finding a place in the sun again.
I feel like writing again. I see again the jokes that happen to me along the way.
From now on you will regularly come across a story from me.
And if things aren't going well, I search until I find a spot in the sun.

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