A lucky guy

I thought only a few would miss my stories, but I have had so many sweet and nice responses to my previous story. Heart warming…
Today I received such a sweet card from a customer. With a few words she encompassed everything and I had to shed a tear.
How good it felt to have all those reactions, because in fact, in addition to being sad, the past period has also been a lonely period. Fortunately, we had a lot of support from Jos and the children and now everything looks so much better. Nothing has changed of course, but I now have a different attitude and my backpack has become wearable again.
I received a beautiful poem from Mijke during such a difficult period.
'I wish I could do magic
then I put a smile on your face
I made your hard days light
I drew a sun above your head
I cast a spell that numbs the pain.'
And don't we all need a spell like that sometimes?
Now enough about this, on to the next chapter.
And yes, I experienced another nice incident last week. While I was writing down my flea market adventure, I saw in my agenda that I have to finish my story for the column in the @Enjoy Brocante next week. So now I'm saving the 'adventure' for that occasion.
And if you're curious, you can read the column in the next issue. It will take a while before the new magazine comes out, but for me the deadline is next week.
The fact is that I was able to buy very nice items for the Christmas Open Days again.
It seems so far away now,
But the time will soon come again and while the sun is shining and the temperature is tropical, I am already sitting among the Christmas things.; Candy containers, Christmas trees, old tinsel and other 'Christmas sweets'.
On November 12 and 13 you can visit my Christmas Open Days.
Further information about these days will follow, but you can make a note of the dates if you are interested.
And secretly I can't resist posting a few Christmas photos. All the products you see in the photos are only available for sale during the Open Days.
And I know that there are customers and a dear friend who are really looking forward to this wonderful party.
But now first a glass of soft drink in a spot in the shade and I think about what a lucky person I really am.

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