An adventure

An adventure

And I'm going on holiday again...
Just had a long weekend away with Jos and now I'm going to do something I've never done before.
I'm going with Mijke and Tove in the caravan at the campsite by the sea.
You might think nothing special, but for me it is.
I have to get out of my 'comfort zone' for this.
Normally I am very fond of my own, preferably luxurious, bathroom with a nice toilet and a good, large bed.
I have also always said that I will never go to a campsite in a caravan or tent. Jos used to do it every year with Stijn; on a cycling holiday together with a few filled bicycle bags and a tent.
It spontaneously gave me chills. I don't like camping and having to make do.
But what do you do if you can take your daughter and grandchild to the sea and spend a few days together there?
Then, as a grandmother, you put all the 'barricades' aside and only a feeling of enjoyment remains.
I find it a bit exciting because I've never actually been to a campsite before.
I'm looking forward to salpping in the bunk bed with Tove and making dinner on the skottelbraai. The three of us will bathe in the sea and maybe even swim, because the weather will be good. I'm looking forward to enjoying ice cream and eating kibbeling together. Walking around with bare feet and cuddling together all day long.
When I tell Mijke that I bought a new pair of nice sweatpants, she laughs and says "Mom, you can also walk around the campsite in your normal clothes." She probably imagines me walking around in a sweatsuit all day. 'No Mike, that's for the evening when I'm cold.
I also just bring dresses.

You can simply place an order in my store and you will also receive an answer.
Only shipping is possible again from next Tuesday.
And because I won't be back until Sunday evening, I need some time to fill my website again.
I will therefore put the new products online on Wednesday, September 8 at 9:30 am instead of on Tuesday morning.

And now I will prepare for my adventure….

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