That one person

It's not that I found life 'before' better or nicer. The 'now' certainly has many advantages and a lot of beautiful things to offer. But Valentine's Day of the past appeals to me more than the current one. When you had to remember when it was February 14th. When mysterious anonymous love cards were written. I once received one and to this day I don't know whose it was...
It wasn't so much about the presents, it was about that one person who wanted to tell you how in love you were with him or her. There was something mysterious about that day and many even forgot about it, so it was something special.
For 35 years, every Valentine's Day I cut out hearts from paper, which I place on the table and every year I write a poem for that one person...

And 35 years ago there wasn't much choice in heart candy, so I always opted for sugar hearts in pastel shades with texts like 'I love you' printed in them. Everyone remembers these very sweet sweets. I still choose the same one every year. There is nothing mysterious about it anymore, but it has become a kind of tradition. Still for that one person.
And furthermore, in my experience, the whole Valentine's Day celebration has become a major commercial event.
All kinds of gifts are pushed on social media weeks in advance, the bigger the gift, the better, from thick bouquets of flowers to expensive jewelry. Fine, but I don't really like it myself.
Fortunately, a year has 364 other days to do something nice.
Like a dear friend who showed up on our doorstep last week with a beautiful hydrangea plant in my favorite color, just like that... A small gesture, so spontaneous, it makes me happy.
Then Stijn arrives at the weekend with a small antique paper mache chicken with the words 'For your collection, mom'. The sweet gesture from his heart makes me many times happier and in the meantime the chicken is among the others on my collection rack.
Not necessarily on Valentine's Day, but throughout the year there are those little moments of happiness that make my heart skip a beat.
And just like that when I'm at work I feel an arm around my shoulder and that one person says, 'I love you'

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