The day after Blue Monday

She asks me if I also have a promotion with Blue Monday.
No, I do not have that.
I don't really like these kinds of commercial actions, but that's personal.
I hear it on the radio and see it in advertising brochures; you have to buy a lot to feel good again.
That wouldn't be my advice.
Of course I like to sell my flea and antique products, but not under all conditions. We all feel happy when we have scored something nice, but it certainly doesn't make me happier as a person...
It is wonderful to buy and sell beautiful products, but it does not determine the extent of my happiness.
This morning, just like always, I put the new brocante products online and sold them as always.
The lady who asked seemed disappointed. Would she now think that a promotion and a little discount will make her happier and that the rest of her life will look better? Sure, it makes you happy for a while, but afterwards it is still just as gray outside, the days are still short, the sun no longer shines and it still takes many days before the holiday starts, even the day after Blue Monday.
No discount promotion will change that.
And then I read a nice piece in the newspaper, written by a happiness psychologist.
It's about our primal brain, how seeing trees gives our brain a reward in the form of happiness hormones.
It's nothing vague, just try it. I did that this morning too. Not that I felt depressed, but despite the gray misty day, walking through the trees was wonderful and I came back feeling refreshed.
That has nothing to do with materialism, but with depth. And anyone can do that, even if you don't have a big wallet.
Now I could write all kinds of things about it, but if you read the piece, everything has been said... and it also works the day after Blue Monday

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