Brocante in the snow

I had decided not to write about the snow, because everyone already does that.
But how wonderful it is to take a long walk in the snow every day.
Every time I come back from the walk I continue with the cupboard in the kitchen. The kitchen cupboard has been turned into an Easter cupboard. It's a huge contrast to come from snow in spring. I have to slowly start preparing for the open days on March 20 and 21, which will unfortunately take place online again. But perhaps the Christmas open days will actually be possible again in 2021, but that is still so far away. Even the Easter Open Days seem far away now, but it is mid-March.
Now that the sun is shining, taking a snow walk is even more beautiful and the Easter brocante has to make way for the snow.
I enjoyed sledding with Tove the most. While playing with her in the snow, I felt like I was becoming a child again.
It reminded me of the harsh winters of the past. When we could no longer open the back door of the house because such a thick layer of snow had fallen. Dad who made a snow horse with us, skating across the stream in our village and the ice flowers on the window of my bedroom. It was always a lot of fun.
And even now, when children have everything you can imagine, that snow remains something wonderful for every child.
We take a wonderful trip with Tove and this grandmother's child joins in with Tove.
But the next morning that childish feeling is suddenly gone when I get up... muscle pain everywhere.
I have to laugh at myself, that child in me is becoming very flea market.

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