Keep enjoying

And then suddenly it is autumn.
Said goodbye to the summer that wasn't very summer unfortunately. I can enjoy few evenings outside.
But my trip with Mijke and Tove to the campsite by the sea was fantastic. Everything fit, it set the mood again. It couldn't be more beautiful. Forever in my heart... That is a pleasure that nothing else can match. A nice end to the summer days.
As soon as autumn starts, it starts to itch. The summer clothes and slippers have only just been put away when I take out the boxes full of collected Christmas items. It seems to be more than in other years and for a moment panic sets in when seeing so much.
Where am I going to display all this?
I'll start in the kitchen cupboard. It has now become a seasonal cupboard. I enjoy the beautiful old Christmas items and imagine how many customers I can make happy with this. Because that's what I do it for, after all. Of course, it's my job. But if you don't do this with your heart, it won't work out. There are so many hours of work involved.
Of course I put some of those Christmas items on my website every week, to make customers a little happy. And also to give customers who do not want or cannot attend my open days a chance. It's nice if you don't just have to wait until after the open days in the hop to see if there is anything left.
But it doesn't happen smoothly.
Apparently there are many customers who want the same thing and because they are often unique products of which there is only one, I can only make one person happy with it. And yes, that is the one that is the fastest to order. And I have no influence on what happens next.
And yet I am regularly blamed for this. I can listen and read what people consider so unfair. And I think that is such a shame now, it makes me sad. The impossible is expected of me every now and then. I can't divide a single unique product among five people...
It happens to me too, every week even. How often something passes me by on a purchasing trip, how often someone else walks away with something that I would really like to have. It's a disappointment that I won't dwell on. Because fortunately there are many other beautiful items and something different comes my way every week. That's the beauty of it. And that gives me double pleasure when I can get my hands on something nice again.
Sometimes I have a stomach ache when something beautiful passes me by. It wouldn't be fair if I said it doesn't bother me. Then I look around and see all the beauty that surrounds me. That's about antiques and antiques, but also about the people I cherish and the beautiful nature. There is so much more to enjoy. And maybe this will make you happy too; The book 'The Secret Garden', which my daughter Mijke wrote and illustrated. Just take a look and you can order it too. Really, it's pure enjoyment! It is accessible to everyone and her second book 'Every season has its own green' will be published in December. So… says a very proud mom.
And before I continue displaying the Christmas items, we will first take a few days off to gain some extra energy so that we can continue the last weeks before the open days on November 6 and 7. to work.
That's why I'm posting the new flea market finds on my website next Wednesday, October 20, instead of Tuesday.
And if you can't get what you want, enjoy the things you already have.
Because that is so important; keep enjoying!

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