Almost New Year

Christmas is almost behind us again and the year is almost over. Just a few more hours to go and 2020 will be a thing of the past.
A page in our life story is then full and we can start with a blank sheet.
But first tonight we will look back on the past year and as always we will tell each other what our best moment of the past year was and what was the least pleasant.
A whole lot of memories again.
Today, pause and take the time to let events sink in and give them a place among all the other memories. Some with a smile and others with a tear.
And to start the new year off right, I have a week off. This means that I will not make any new flea finds on JANUARY 5. Of course you can place an order or send me a message.
In the meantime, I am not sitting still, but Stijn and I are working hard on a new website, which will go online at the beginning of January.
Don't forget to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT when you place an order.
It remains for me to wish you a happy New Year with many bright spots in the new year.
And let's be kind to each other...

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  • Beste Cobie.
    Gefeliciteerd met de mooie nieuwe website.
    Nog de beste wensen voor 2021.

    Ria Moolenaar

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