A bit of bad luck and also luck

Because Stijn is going to a trade fair at the weekend for work, I'm going out alone. It's not really my hobby to go alone. And especially not if I have to go further away.
But after the heavy sales lately, it's a must.
I have some permanent addresses planned. After three addresses and still an empty car, my courage sinks. How is that possible?
I still have a new address to go. I'm very curious. So happy with my navigator. I don't know how else I would end up at new addresses. I drive neatly according to the road that is shown to me.
And when the voice says 'You have reached your destination' I don't see anything that looks like a flea market address.
I drive through the street again to see if I had overlooked anything, but no, I can't find an address. An ordinary residential area.
I have two things to say and write in the car. What bad luck today. It's really not going well.
Should I go home then?
I decide to drive to France. I know an address there that I haven't been to in a long time.
I hope I don't meet him, the man with the fat fingers and large signet ring, the man who once pushed me aside. The man who grabbed something in front of me and who pulled something out of my hands. I hate that man. He's big and scary.
If he is also there, do I turn around or not pay any attention to him.
Pfff I miss Stijn's presence. He always knows a solution and puts me at ease.
I walk in a little uneasy. And before I saw anything antique, I first checked to see if it was there.
But luckily I'm the only one and I can look around at my leisure.
And after all the bad luck in the morning, I am now lucky. I buy beautiful items for my winter open days that I wonder if they can continue. Because if we keep the one and a half meter distance rule, my open days won't work. Then it will have to be online again... But we will wait and see.
I see so much beauty here. I make a choice and pick out a few special items.
I pay and walk outside. I can't take everything at once and when I want to go back inside to get the rest, he's there, the big, scary man with fat fingers and the signet ring.
I'm scared and want to run away from underfoot. OH no, he already grabbed something I bought with his fat fingers. I can't say a word in French anymore. I have already paid this, it goes through me, what should I do now? I panic for a moment and when I force myself to stay calm, I see what he is doing. He comes to help me so that I don't have to walk as much.
He smiles kindly at me and keeps his distance. How wrong can you see something if you are biased.
I'm a little bit ashamed. When I get in I raise my hand to him and he waves back kindly. Suddenly it's as if his fingers are no longer as thick and as if his ring has shrunk.
I drive back home with the car not nearly full, but with nice things and now that I'm in France, I take home a nice bottle of champagne so that I can toast with Jos on a day of bad luck and also good luck.

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