How I enjoy this weather. Wonderful to 'live' in the garden. In the morning in the sun and in the afternoon in the shade under the walnut tree. Early in the morning I do my flea work and then I take some extra time off.
There is a rush of chickadees, robins and wrens. And luckily this year the blackbirds are also there. I would like to know how many nests there are in our garden. Photographing antiques works fine, but all those birds and insects are always gone before I have taken a photo. Maybe I don't have the patience for it either.
The first chickadees have fledged… photos failed…
On the other hand, there is also that drought. The wadi behind our garden is almost completely dry and this has never happened before. The frogs I heard croaking every day have become silent. I don't think they survived.

I had already written down that the pair of wild ducks had not been seen for days, and that they had probably also left due to the drought. And about the heron that no longer shows itself. And just when I want to take a photo of the almost dry water basin, I see them sitting among the reeds. Silent as a mouse. Could she be breeding? The beautiful plants growing in the water slowly disappear. It's as if nature is losing its balance here. And so that warm, dry weather not only gives me relaxation, but also creates unrest within me.
And while our newly green lawn is slowly turning brown because people ask us to use water wisely and economically, more water is being used in the Netherlands than ever.
Just like maintaining that one and a half meters for our own health and that of others. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one left.
Between the clamor around me of 'everyone should do what he or she thinks is right', I try to keep a healthy balance.
I still stay at home a lot and sitting on a terrace there is not a bad idea at all. With a book and a glass of fresh mint tea, made from mint from your own garden, it is very easy to keep going here. The phone next to me for when an order comes in.
After all, it's a normal working day for me. I am happy with my online store. It's definitely getting emptier here, but I haven't run out of supplies yet. And actually going shopping will come later.
Now I enjoy that little extra free time. That keeps me wonderfully balanced.

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