Different than usual

And yet such a day is different. Different from an ordinary day.
And yet it is actually a very normal Tuesday.
I'm just doing my job, but my thoughts aren't there today.
She's a little more on my mind today.
Exactly two years ago today, she suddenly stopped breathing. It became so quiet around her...
It was good the way it happened, even better that it happened this way and she was spared any suffering. I am grateful for that.
But the funny thing is that you only realize what you had when it's no longer there. But she's not really gone.
Fortunately, I still encounter her in many places, at least once every day. And then I strongly feel her presence.
There are many wonderful memories of her and I cherish them.
I see some of her traits in our children and even in our grandchildren.
So she lives on in small pieces.
She was my mother-in-law for 34 years, long enough to build a beautiful bond. We did that, with all the ups and downs.
And as always, I place a fresh bouquet from the garden next to her photo.
An ordinary Tuesday but different....

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