Although I will not be holding a visual Spring Fair on March 20 and 21, but everything is for sale online again, I am still busy with the preparations.
Because my online store is always so busy, I have postponed the spring open days.
But last weekend it was like I woke up with a start.
Oh, I already sold Easter and spring items, but I wasn't busy with the open days.
Online is very different from real Open Days. I miss the fun of the preparations and the excitement. I miss baking the treats and making the egg liqueur.
I miss turning an ordinary house into a spring party. But most of all I will miss all the guests.
It has become a kind of storage space here. I was busy and no one came...
But when Stijn shows up on my doorstep at the weekend with the beautiful large Easter Bunny candy container, which is more than 40 cm tall, the scales fall from my eyes. Suddenly I realize that the open days are coming up soon and that I still have a lot of work to do. It's high time to come out of my 'hibernation'. And how beautiful it is, this old candy container. Never seen one so big! This will be the start of my journey to the online open days.
Today after all the packages have been packed, I will arrange the Easter cupboard and collect all the things I want to sell online during these days. Because besides many Easter items, I have also collected other beautiful products.
I will post photos regularly until then.
My rules are still the same; You can enjoy the pictures in advance, but I do not do pre-sales and I do not reserve anything in advance. As always, I go for the most honest way. You will find information about the products on my website on the 20th and 21st . But it's first come, first served, I can't change that and that's just fair.
Next Tuesday, March 16, I will not post any new flea market finds on my website, I will save those for the online spring party.
But before that happens, I first have to move mountains... and I'm really looking forward to what's to come!
See you then!

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