Pink glasses

I can't ignore it any longer. I didn't want it, I wouldn't give in to it. I fought it and I kept at it. It kept getting worse no matter how much I denied it.
But just as so many things are out of my control, I also had to believe in this. When I read the tiny print on the box last week, it really didn't work anymore. The letters danced before my eyes, all mixed up like a tangled ball of wool. I tried again and again…. If I now use a magnifying glass and at that moment Jos comes in and asks what I am doing. Then he starts laughing: 'Is it time?' he asks. I can't laugh about it at all. I always saw everything so clearly, even the smallest details did not escape me. Oh yes, there are so many people with glasses and there is such a wide range of glasses and there are beautiful collections. But I have something against glasses for myself. I may like someone else with glasses, but glasses just don't suit me. When Jos has to go to the optician, I always secretly try on a few models and it always makes me scream. And besides that, I can't tolerate anything on my nose. That's why even sunglasses are a drama. After a long search, last year I found beautiful sunglasses with a light pink frame that made me feel acceptable. And which I paid way too dearly. But it also never stayed up for long because of the annoying nasal feeling. Those glasses are now somewhere in Sicily and someone else is probably very happy with them. Accidentally left behind. But now those reading glasses are coming. Imagine that I no longer see the details of the flea market, I may no longer be able to read the years or I may be mistaken about the prices. I've thought about wearing old glasses, but then I look like a lady from the last century. In the end I bought a pair of inconspicuous glasses. It doesn't feel right and it looks terrible. I'll have to postpone wearing it for a while... it feels like... but I really can't avoid it. The threshold is very high for me, but eventually I, like everyone else, will get used to it. And until then, I don't want to know anything about it and, as usual, I look at life through rose-colored glasses, because then everything is even more beautiful.

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