She asks if she can come and take photographs for a home magazine, she says, and of course I say: 'Yes!'
In the autumn, inside our house and also photos of the garden. 'Yes Nice!' I think to myself.
But then I get so sick, it doesn't go away, I keep coughing and that listless feeling doesn't go away.
It's less than two weeks before she arrives and when I go to bed at night, my decision is made that I'm going to contact her the next morning to cancel everything. I don't want to think about the 'renovation' that awaits me.

But somehow I feel a lot better that morning, as if all the misery has left my body. I don't cancel our appointment and I start the job full of energy. Because it is. I start by washing rams, cleaning everything and scrubbing the floor.
Things are sorted and slowly the 'storage facility' that was supposed to represent our living room becomes my showroom again.
And then the sun shines on the freshly washed windows... OMG...I could cry. All I see are streaks and tears on the glass. Why can't I just wash a simple window properly?
So I have to do that again and for a moment my courage sinks. Because I'm not quite as fit as I thought I would be again.
I can't get rid of those stupid windows and the last mess inside and in the meantime time is running out.
That is the well-known dead center that I always reach once before an open day. Because in terms of preparation this is about the same.
Then the last days arrive before she arrives.
For me now comes the best part, the styling and decorating. It's wonderful to be in autumn style, because I always miss that with the open days. I choose pumpkins in white, gray and green shades. I get it from Huys and court Christien Reinders. She knows everything about pumpkins and she sells them in all shapes and sizes, shapes and colors.
She loves cooking and baking just like me. After a visit to her inspiring garden, I return home with many pumpkins and useful tips. It is really worth it to pay her a visit!
Finally, I prepare lunch, which is secretly what I was looking forward to the most. And anyone who knows me a little knows that I attach great importance to a beautifully decorated table and that my motto is 'eating together is oil for friendship'. So we are sitting here at the autumn table having lunch at noon. 'Coincidentally' Stijn comes and joins us for lunch, which makes the mood even more pleasant.
When I watch her for a moment, I see how concentrated and enthusiastic she is in taking photographs.
She just sent me the photos and they are, in a word, beautiful! How they turned out remains a surprise to others. She has managed to create a wonderful combination of living in a shop. She has made something special of it, Joyce Vloet. Very happy with it!

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