First I always write my story with a fountain pen on paper. It's stuck between the ears, but otherwise it won't work. Only then will I type it out.
I've just typed the title when I wonder if 'foetelen' is a Dutch word. There is one Dutch definition for it and that is 'to deceive'. But that's not what I mean here. In our Limburg dialect, 'foetelen' means 'cheating'. But let's be honest, fumbling sounds much nicer and that is also the case in this story...

Last weekend I fiddled. Oh, I had to work on purchasing and in my store to get everything presentable for when I start receiving customers at home again from August onwards.
After that long silent time, I can't afford not to go shopping. I may be my own boss, but my work is not without obligation.
But when daughter Dymphy invites me to go out for dinner with her and granddaughter Femme, I eagerly agreed. What could be better for my grandmother's heart than an outing with my daughter and granddaughter.
There is still enough of the weekend left to do some flea shopping, I tell myself reassuringly. And I don't think about it anymore all evening.
Femme's smile is enough for me when she sits opposite me and enjoys it. Her face speaks volumes. This gives me so much energy and when I see the boys later and can give them a hug again after a long time, my day can't be ruined.
And because I don't have to answer to anyone, I can afford to faff around sometimes.
As if I haven't enjoyed it enough, Tove comes for a day and stays the night. Once again my heart skips a beat.
The weather is lovely and we are thoroughly enjoying it. The weather is fantastic and after an afternoon of playing in the bath, cookies are of course baked with grandma.
For a moment I forgot everything around my shop and I was alone as a grandmother.
When she returns home, this grandmother will no longer go shopping. I really want to enjoy this beautiful weekend, this wealth.
Sometimes this fussing is wonderful and it's worth getting into a bit of a pinch somewhere.
Still reeling from the happiness of a wonderful weekend, I start the new working week.
My website is filled again for this week and you will see that I will post beautiful products on my website again next week.
That way no one will notice that I was fumbling….

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