An empty cupboard

The online Open Days are behind us again and my hard work in advance was richly rewarded.
There were so many nice, sweet messages and compliments that it made me a little shy.
And not unimportantly, a lot was bought. The Easter cupboard is eerily empty.
So I'm very satisfied.
This week is packing week, very busy, but it's worth it.
Because of all those sweet messages, it was somewhat of a 'real' open day.
It's nice that I have been able to make so many people happy with beautiful antiques and antiques.
And hey, as always, there are also disappointed customers who couldn't buy what they really wanted because others beat them to it.
I certainly think that's sad, but I can't change that. All I can do is buy as many beautiful things as possible and honestly place them on my website so that everyone has the opportunity to order.
I cannot influence how the process continues afterwards.
As long as we can put things into perspective and realize after the disappointment that there are more important things in life, there is nothing to worry about. And if you take a look at my website, you will probably find something beautiful.
When everything is packed at the end of the week, I will prepare the new brocante and antiques for next week's website update.
It is a beautiful day today and between packing I am enjoying our garden outside where everything is starting to grow and bloom in the spring sun... I feel like a rich person...

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